Midwife fallacy

Vegas baby-On a spur of the moment decision, we decided to go to Vegas this weekend. Prince is playing at his club, and with the help of another couple we were persuaded to drive 5+ hours tomorrow for his show, stay the night and then drive home on Sunday.

I am pretty excited actually. This is likely the last time I will be in Vegas for quiet a while, so even though club clothes for me consist of stretchy waisted skirts and larger size tops…at least I have more on the top to fill it out with–hubba hubba if you know what I mean.

On a different note, I decided yesterday that I wanted to use a Midwife to deliver, rather than an OB. So, I called Blue Cross of CA and asked about the process. When I called yesterday (and spent over an hour on the phone and searching their website, the CSR didn’t know what I was talking about-she had never heard of a Midwife.

We both did some additional research and it turns out that the Medical Group or OB has to refer you to a Midwife. OK, easy enough. I called my Medical Group-who conveniently doesn’t have any Midwives available.

So, I called Blue Cross and asked if I could change groups. Blue Cross said yes, of course, as long as you can find a new Medical Group who will accept you. Again, I thought, “no, problem”. I should know better by now, you are thinking, right?

I did some additional research, and found 3 prospective medical groups, all assigned to a premier women’s hospital. When I called the medical groups I was advised that because I was out of my first trimester that they wouldn’t accept me. All three declined, and as a side note-none have midwives.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I almost always get what I want. I am a fighter. Let this be evidence of one of the times I didn’t. And for the record, this is a pretty big deal. I cried on the phone with the last Medical Group. I have to go through my entire pregnancy, labor and delivery at a sub-par hospital. It wouldn’t suck so bad if I didn’t know any better…but I do. I just know it a little to late.

It hardly seems like a fair process. I forced the gal to give me a reason why they wouldn’t accept patients past their first 3 months-after she researched it, her response was that changing medical groups was considered an interruption in services, and that the new medical group couldn’t be financial at risk. Ahh, the truth seems to have come out in the end. HMO-need I say more.

I am trying desperately to ‘get over it’ and accept that this is somehow how it should be, that I have nothing to worry about, and that thousands of women have babies every day. But the more I read, and the more informed I become the more afraid of the medical system I become.

While I am supporter of western medicine on a lot of fronts, I am also a scared to death of hospitals, episiotomy, needles, c-section, and things that I have no control over (like emergency treatment, and doctors who make medical decisions without my full informed (no-pressure) consent).

The only thing saving me from flying off the handle is that currently I am on Cobra (at least I am insured-I cant imagine what my choices would be like if I was uninsured). And my company is going to be offering medical benefits (effective 03.01.07), and we have our intro meeting on 01.30.07. I can only hope that they have to allow me to join (pre-existing pregnancy and all), and that I can move medical groups at that time.

How do pregnant women find Midwives that are included in their insurance plan? From what I can tell, my plan covers it but conveniently-there are none available. There is a huge movement for natural births, home births, midwives, doulas, and holistic medicine. But, who pays for it? Is this a luxury for the wealthy?


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