Soul purging

I went out to dinner with my husband on Friday and we got into one of our ‘serious’ conversations. It started with me talking about one of the blogs I read daily (I read 10 or more every day). I was telling him how raw some of these women writers are. He knows that I have started a blog, but I have asked him not to read it. I am still embarrassed about my writing and about sharing. I have always been the type who lies and doesn’t share my deepest darkest feelings to my journal for fear that someone is going to read it and know how I really feel about something (or worse about someone). It isn’t so much that I am afraid of my own feelings, but I want to be able to share them at my leisure. I want to be in control of them, and of when and to who I share. I always want to be in control.

So, of course, my husband knows this about me (he is very sensitive and intuitive) and was encouraging me to be honest with my writing and to perhaps use it as a kind of therapy. He thinks that if I write my stories and experiences that I will be able to purge my soul of some of its burdens. He also thinks that often times great writing is about more than a creative style. He said that when you write what is in your heart and soul that it will come out in your words, and that often times simplicity is the best form of writing.

He also wants me to write more honestly. So, going forward I am going to start sharing some of my experiences and my real feelings about things.

Are you ready? Shit (lets be real here) am i ready?


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