Falling in love

I have been giving a lot of thought to the idea that some women loved being pregnant. I have heard this from several people. Up until this point, I thought that these women were either 1. possessed by super powers 2. didn’t have a lick of morning sickness, nor an ache or pain the entire time or 3. were eternal optimists (possessed by super powers).

After I was able to swallow my initial disbelief (and jealousy), I started to think about what made them love their pregnancy. I came to realize, that it wasn’t the actual pregnancy that they loved (truth be told…it kinda sucks). It was the feeling that growing a life inside of you manifested.

You are a goddess of womanhood. You feel like this very special creature entrusted to care for and raise a babe in your womb. You feel beautiful like you never have felt before (not even at your thinnest, youngest, and perkiest). You feel lucky, and as a result a tremendous amount of love and gratitude flow from your heart. Your emotions are running wild, and don’t get me wrong venom still spews from my tongue. But, overall I feel like I too am falling in love with being pregnant and with my baby.

I think s/he needs a prenatal name. Suggestions?


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