New Years Resolutions

I attended a Buddhist meeting yesterday to ring in the New Year. This is my second meeting, and while this particular meeting wasn’t great, I like the practice behind the practice.

What I take from Buddhism is that it followers are all looking for a way to be happier and more at peace with themselves, and those around them. To achieve this happiness, you state your wishes, desires, hopes and wants in writing. Then you chant about them. In my logical mind this works for 2 reasons-people who write their goals down, have an increased likelihood of achieving them simply because they wrote them down. And second because it keeps things in perspective and at the forefront of your mind. I like both ideas. I don’t know about chanting yet, but I think I might give it a try.

So, as such I came up with 3 goals for 2007 that I would like to achieve:

  1. Be happy with what I have.
  2. Accept that I do not ‘need’ to buy more to be happy, that what I have is enough.
  3. Create my own happiness bubble. Don’t let others affect my inner happiness.

Hmm, I probably should have taken #1 to the mall with me yesterday.


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