12 weeks and counting

Well everyone, I am officially 12 weeks pregnant!! I feel pretty good, and my belly is starting to pop out a little bit more. I really just look fat in my clothes. But, only the stomach part of my pants are feeling tight. I put on my first pair of elastic waisted beauties yesterday. What a hottie I am…

I haven’t really gained much weight, which is a relief. I was (and am) pretty concerned about gaining to much weight. To date, I have gained 4 pounds. My next doctors appointment isn’t until the end of January, and I will wait to see what they say about my progress before I start panicking and worrying myself into a frenzy.

The doctors appointment schedule got a little mixed up I think. I have been to 1 official appointment so far, and another one for the Ultrasound (which was just 1 week after the first one). So by the time I am 16 weeks I will have only seen the doctor 2 times, and for 1 Ultrasound. The next test due up is the AFP test. This is not a diagnostic test its a screening, and will only determine the possibility of birth defects. Like any test, they cant be certain, but they can give you an idea. We are going to take the test, and hope for the best.

**Screening tests do not look only at results from the blood test. They compare a number of different factors (including age, ethnicity, results from blood tests, etc…) and then estimate what a person’s chances are of having an abnormality. These tests DO NOT diagnose a problem; they only signal that further testing should be done.**

I have adopted a no stress policy. I am not going to worry about things until 1. I have to make a decision about them and 2. I am not going to worry about them after that unless I have to.

I didn’t really understand what ‘nesting’ meant, but apparently I am doing it. We are clearing out our 2nd bedroom to make way for baby furniture, and the like. My Mother-in-Law gave us our first baby gift–a stuffed Giraffe. It is adorable, and I treasure it already.

I am getting more excited about being pregnant, and feel like I am starting to bond with my baby. I cant wait to find out the sex!


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