A testament to life

A new plant moved into our offices. I think its a corn plant. It doesn’t matter the type of plant (unless you are the plant or a botanist). The point I want to share is that the plant is near death. It hasnt always been that way, it lived a long, robust life with a co-worker’s Mom, then my co-worker took charge of the plant and slowly the plant has been revolting to it’s new life. A silent revolt of course. But, none the less a revolt of the plant sort.

Its once beautiful, robust, shiny green leaves are now brown with a horrid tinge of yellow. Not to mention its limp lifeless stature. It is clearly depressed.

I asked my co-worker if the plant could come into my office to ‘visit’ with my other plants. I thought that I could bring the plant back to life, make it happy again, cheer it up. I think that might have been a mistake. I now feel responsible for the plants life, and success. I am now responsible for its eminent death. I don’t think I can bare the burden of this plants death.

Why has a plant had such a profound effect on my daily views? I am clearly to sensitive.


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